Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amazing adaption

If everybody just could work like this. Truly effective and great visualization...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why the web is one big random act of kindness

TED does it again! Everybody with a passion and interest for the Internet owes themselves to spend 20 minutes listening to this awesome speech. Great points, conclusions and perspective on how it started and why it is such a great success.

#karen26 - a minor detail!?

I had lunch with a friend of mine - and we discussed the VisitDenmark campaign (again...). I´ve been discussing it before on my blog. Actually, I´m a little bit fed up with it, however, he mentioned a minor detail, that I didn´t notice, when I watched the video. I don´t know if its a coincidence - but if it isn´t, I think its clever, and actually something that could have saved them from all the negative hype. Look closely, in the background there is a picture with the text AD. What do you think?

Editors note:
I just found a new spoof (she is in it, so maybe its not a spoof, but anyway) with her, which more clearly shows the word AD in the background. It supports my friends clue.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Spotted on linkedin today

Isn´t this really weird? I was checking my linkedin Network updates today and noticed by coincidence that two different people in my network are connected with respectively Malene Myhre and another one named Myhre Malene. And I checked - it isn´t the same person using her alias... I have changed my view on linkedin as the more pro and boring network. Spooky....

Tweet of the week

Sydney University is watching you. Watch out students! To Jonathan Pease’s credit, he faced the flaw and ended up retweeting Sydney University’s admitting that he was "BUSTED". Awesome...


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eco friendly music

Awesome video! Brittney Lane Don’t Care, by indie-rock-pop band, Meeting of Important People.

The Pittsburgh based group had their set, the animations, and all of their musical instruments made completely out of cardboard
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I will join this, it sounds like a lot of fun. For the CPH people - or visiting people... Let it be thursday!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The First Photo of the Internet

It doesn´t look that complicated!?
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"Social Media Makeover"

It reminded me of how brands needs to define the obejctives of using Social Media in combination with real consumer insight instead of picking the popular channels and then pushing a message into the medium.
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#karen26 – the birth or breakdown?

I`m about to decide whether the Danish Viral Movie for VisitDenmark is a stroke of genius or something less positive?

Since it was seeded there has been a heavy debate. Discussions concerns whether it is OK to spread a commercial message about Denmark and cover it in an emotional skin. The content in the video centers on the girl karen26, that pretends to have given birth to August – and now she is on the search for the dad. #karen26 why didn´t you Google or Wiki him?

Apparently it was a one-night stand with a foreign guy she met in Nyhavn that left her pregnant. The video is supported by a low quality website. The quality of the website reveals that the advertiser could be in it for commercial reasons. All blogging platforms are easy to manage and design, so this obvious horrible design was a sign. Back to the case. Pressure from people, media and politicians made VisitDenmark react. They have taken the consequence of all the commotion by removing it from YouTube. Like we´ve seen many times before it is difficult to erase the footprints from the Internet. People have created all kinds of spoofs. The message keeps on living...

I have to be honest. When I first got hold on this video I thought the intention wasn´t commercial. Thumbs up for a well-produced piece of viral content. My second thought was that it was Sundhedsstyrelsen that was behind the campaign promoting safe sex.

After it started to air on YouTube Social Media natives started to investigate whom the advertiser could be. Again, getting the Social Media natives is necessary for making a viral campaign a success. So check! The media took it. The common people took it. The phasing worked very well. All the ingredients were there to make this a success. Unfortunately the message in the video didn’t link to what VisitDenmark wanted to communicate. VisitDenmark wanted to communicate Denmark as a free country. It isn´t the message I took out of the video.

But again....

The target group is tourists and I´m just a skeptic Dane. I´m wondering if the real target group´s view on Denmark as a visiting country has changed? Or if this has generated valuable PR on Denmark, which in the end will result in increased tourism? How has the buzz been responded to in the foreign countries? I believe it will have a positive effect and that people can separate fun from reality.

I want to give my applause to VisitDenmark for daring to use viral marketing as marketing tool. When you implement viral marketing it will always be an experiment. There are no shortcuts for success, you have to be brave and dare to do something non-proved, with the risk for failure. I prefer the risky strategy rather than the typical modest campaign. In sum, it has changed and energized my view on VisitDenmark as the dusty and old school organization, and I believe it will drive real-time and real-life traffic to Denmark.

Monday, September 7, 2009

WWF Germany - drip, drip drip!

Brilliant. WWF Melting Men. 1000 pieces. The short version of the action: "WWF Germany set up this artistic action in Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt to symbolize what will happen if governments continue to sit on their hands and watch as Arctic ice melts and sea levels rise. The fast melt of these small figures reminds us that we have very little time to make the necessary changes. 96 days until the UN conference in Copenhagen." Check out more pics here.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Not What You Say That Matters

Great presentation from Paul Isakson on Social Media. An interesting point from Forrester Research is about how people´s online behavior are becoming more integrated into their offline interactions. Go be inspired...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I´m fascinated by Walmart

This is a video made of one of my friends. Amazing that it has more than 2.000 comments and more than 100.000 views.

But I got to think of that video after being inspired with this really awesome Website. It grabs stylish people from Walmart - and its hilarious. And it´s spreading....