Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beck´s goes blogging

You live by the blog. You have a way with words that hold people captive. And you don't shy away from being in the public eye. Then Beck´s want you. Give your two cents worth, and we'll give you a handsome salary and other bright perks. Your name and blogs will be seen by many around the world. Others have 365 days, you have 365 entries in a year. You get to work with Beck's and a congenial creative team in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You might even relocate to a greener pasture. Sounds too good to be true? live by the blog.

Interesting point is that they are not looking for a corporate blogger, but a person that will give a personal view on news, people and ideas that match the brands philosophy 'Different by Choice'.

Apply here

Introduction to Social Media

From: themoleskin, 6 months ago

Introduction to social media and social marketing. Part one of a two part seminar by Kelsey Ruger on the use of social media in business,

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Ever dreamt of being Steve Jobs?

He is awesome and so is Apple. To make a good presentation is difficult and is much dependent on the speaker. A CEO from a large corporation would be dressed in a suit. However, Steve Jobs is normal dressed, and speaks the language of the audience.A learning I want to take with me is to keep it simple, put in visuals, and limit the amount of text. Important is also to set the scene and have a clear structure.

via bnet

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Virtual wall

How to improve the effectiveness of traffic lights. Still in process, but I like the idea. 

This virtual wall is designed for busy city streets, and the idea is simply to show two-dimensional image of giant people crossing the street instead of the classical red light. The real pedestrians walk behind their virtual counterparts.

Wall-painted animation

Creative minds!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Google Maps adds Wikipedia and Photos

Web 2.0 is about integration and how to tie services. In this context Photos and Wikipedia is new features that has been added to Google Maps. This gives users a more fulfilling experience of the location they´re looking for. Photos and Wikipedia buttons can now be ticked in the newly added “More” tab on Google Maps to show an overlay of thumbnails showing all the geotagged photos and Wiki articles about points of interest in the area of search.via lifehacker

How to grow old!

I don´t wanna end up like this guy. Apparently he's a Japanese news reporter that let the stress of the job get the best of him.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Big Brother is watching you

Interconnectivity between mobile and outdoor. Creative use!

It´s all about microblogging

Microblogging is the new hot trend within web 2.0 and social media. Within microblogging Twitter is the giant, whereas Jaiku and Pownce are newer communities. In short microblogging is about short messages, and there is a max. limit of characters – for Twitter it´s 140 characters. Therefore microblogging is short messages that you send via your mobile device or computer. Besides, you receive updates from the one´s you follow. To put it in perspective microblogging is actually like status updates on Facebook. The idea is simply to be connected all the time – showing your network and friends what you´re doing of interesting things. It´s a very simple concept, and I believe this is a necessity, in order to reach the mainstream audience. And microblogging is less time-consuming and has a larger potential than regular blogging, since this is a part-time job to keep it running. From my belief microblogging will further revolutionize the traditional text messages.

I have posted videos from the Common Craft Show before – and I´m really fascinated by this way of presenting stuff, since it is kept simple.

When advertising becomes art

Friday, May 9, 2008

Brightkite - location based social networking

In a world of emerging new technology brightkite is the current top of the list. Brightkite is a social network that hinges on one key differentiating factor. It knows where you are. Users of the site update their locations (manually for now, but possible GPS updates in the future) and share information with friends as well as other people in the same location.The content on the site includes Twitter-esque messages about where you are/what you're doing and photography.

via technomarketer

Brand tags = brand associations

Check out the project Brand Tags

Simply put users are presented to different brands. You tag brands with the first thing that comes to mind. The project is made from a rationale that a brand consist of the sum of all thoughts or experiences - and the tagging should give - as noahbrier writes - a pretty accurate look at what the brand represents.

I like the thinking - and this an easy, useful, relative cheap, and definitely new way of assessing and monitoring brand associations.

I requested to add Colgate and Sony Ericsson. Interesting to follow!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Be stimulated and socialize all at once

I've just been introduced to
VoxSwap, a great way for those who wants to learn a language and connect with people who can teach you.

VoxSwap's premise is to ensure you can talk to real people and offer one another pointers on how to excel in a language.

This is another example of the beneficial uses of social networking, an alternative to Facebook! Here you can actually can do something useful and be stimulated whilst socialising.

Why I´m not on Facebook!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IKEA turns Japanese monorail into a showroom

The crazy Japanese people strikes again!

In an era of exponential media proliferation, standing out in the crowd is increasingly difficult. But IKEA Japan has seized the gauntlet with its highly innovative variant on transport advertising. 

IKEA Japan will simply promote its new megastore in the city of Kobe. 

The case was: "Why not leverage its expertise in interior design to deliver a genuine brand experience, rather than a mere barrage of posters and such?" 

IKEA Japan ad-jacked a train on the 
Kobe Port Liner Loop Line and filled some of the standard ad frames with its own messages. 

Better yet, it replaced the train's standard window shades with those from its own stores, converted the seats to sofas with IKEA brand upholstery, and added wall coverings. 

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Guerilla installation promoting horror movie

The unplugged version

What happens if all technology is taken away for one week? 

Mental Detox Week is an unplugged version of life - and Iain Tait from crackunit participated. One of his findings was that "The web allows you to fractalise everything. I read a few different books. But instead of doing what I’d normally do and keep leaving the book to go and look something up. I made little notes and just kept on reading. Normally I’d go and look something up and then find myself drawn into a world of related links and other stuff that looks interesting. Effectively leading me into some kind of infinite worm-hole of stuff. Most of which ends up being completely unrelated to where I started from." 

A key insight of how the web allows access to endless amounts of information, which naturally feeds an enormous challenge of sorting and filtering the most important. 

Friday, May 2, 2008

We are what we share!

Having a blog is like having a baby you need to feed all the time... 

Why are we actually sharing, and why do I bother using hours maintaining my blog? Maybe recognition! But more important I share because I´m forced to be up to date with present and future rock`n`roll.

I found this amazing video on punk planning

Simple animation and great thoughts!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Awesome! Tony vs. Paul

I believe Farfar was inspired by this one, when creating the new commercial for Nokia Ngage: get out and play

By the way go check the campaign website

Great work!

Here Comes Another Bubble v1.1 - The Richter Scales

Tommy Hilfiger x Sony BMG

I like this partnership - another great example on how a joint partnership creates a win situation for both brands.

U.S. fashion company Tommy Hilfiger and music group Sony BMG teams up to launch a fashion and music online TV website, a latest sign of ever closer union of the world's of style and song.

TommyTV - at www.tommytv.com - will show live performance by established and new artists sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger alongside exclusive interviews and backstage footage.

The site will also host the Hilfiger Auditions, an online competition where young artists can showcase their talent.

This is a platform for new young musicians to show their talents on a global stage and have a connection with Sony BMG.

Tommy Hilfiger has built a worldwide fashion brand spanning women's, men's and children's wear to accessories and watches on marketing campaigns presenting hip, image savvy U.S. teenagers.

It has already moved to develop the brand in the music arena by hosting live gigs with only a few hundreds guests known as the Hilfiger Sessions.

Clusta chaos - Clustarack