Sunday, January 25, 2009

Asleep on the subway

A funny site that posts pictures of sleepy people in the subway. I believe Japan will be over-represented. The website aims to build a community around the universal need for sleep and the lengths some people will go to get some.

What the fuck is happening with Lego!

It is really extreme how much attention and PR Lego gets at the moment. Lately I have been discovering several posts and different creative concepts that is linked to Lego - on one (of my many) blog journeys. Like a whole bunch of other brands Lego exploited the massive buzz about the inaugaration - and created their own inaugaration, before the real one.

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I Am Gen Y: Consumption

Media consumption according to a Gen Y. It´s funny to see how much furore (crazy word btw) this post has created. This young gun may be extreme (and ahead of his time) when it comes to media consumption - but it´s still a true indicator for how the future is going to be. The traditional media is for sure struggling, but they still have som sort of justification. One key point I can´t really figure out is how the industry will be dealing with digital music. More and more people download (illegal) music without paying for it - and how will the industry actually be able to make a reasonable business model. And the Gen Y is raised with free music. I just received an invitation from a friend
to - a site where you are able to stream all music for free. When it will be syncronised with the mobile - all content providers will meet another obstacle.

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One of my favourite bloggers. I like the ALWAYS IN BETA tagline...
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Another example...

From my
earlier post on online language this is another example. 

"Holy Cow! This is really cool stuff! I´m a skilled programmer who wants to be a part of the shaping the future, can I join you?"

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When Google is more useful...

Just figured out that it is much more easy to use Google in the search for a certain movie instead of using the standard movie theater site. I was typing Yes Man in Google - and the first result that comes up is an empty field, where you need to enter your home city. And then all the results for Yes Man (in Copenhagen) are listed - clever and very efficient... You are also able to switch between the days and movies.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Embrace Change

Just in time for the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama on Jan 20, IKEA yesterday opened up their Embrace Change website. On the site you can furnish the oval office with IKEA furniture and then send your suggestion to the White House. Very clever.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Justice - an inspiration to the people

I admire Justice - the Parisian disco-rock titans - for their intelligent and conscious way of doing stuff. Other people like them as well...

The symbol for Justice is the cross - now the cross has been used for inspiration. The result is the Justice House.

And what about their Myspace profile picture - are they appearing on Simpons?

If you haven´t already seen the documentary - A Cross the Universe - you should really check it out. I was fascinated by the driver and the manager - true freaks...

Again Justice is a great example of how to develop the business model for music. They are bundling the album and film documentary. Not only digitally, but also as part of their live shows...

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Sorry I missed your party

Just discovered this blog during commentary reading on fimoculouos`s post listing the 30 most notable blogs of 2008. The concept is simple: find pictures of other people´s party from flickr, post them and comment on them. It´s funny...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

There are no rules!

I’ve been writing this post in my head for a week now - it´s time to get it out. One funny thing that just struck me is the fact that I’m most often writing my draft in Word, instead of writing it directly on my blog. For some reason I like it better - it`s more serious, and I have grown up with Word as the serious writing platform. Back to subject. One key difference between the Internet and other media is the use of language, degree of formality and number of rules. The more traditional media has it´s roots in old-school journalism, and therefore there exist certain rules that needs to be applied according to bla. bla. bla…. The Internet differs in their more informal way of interacting and communicating with people. It makes sense, since it´s more about two-way conservations, than traditional one-way communication. Digital platforms such as social media, microblogging and blogging are about to revolutionize the written language. And the big ones, such as Google, that owns their own blogging platform are taking the lead. Due to their dominance (and their user-to-user platforms) Google is an important player in the language revolution. Just to give you some examples I experienced this on one of my blog journeys. My true digital heros the barbarian group:

Hi, we kind of need your email for security purposes. We promise to never ever give it to deposed Prince Dr Linus Ajabe. Do you have any good examples? Mail them to me, and I put them on my blog...

Some other great links. Amazon use Twitter to communicate great deals; it´s a clever use of Twitter as I see it. If you are into the future of digital music go read this article. I liked the comment about Itunes, that a Google search for your favourite artist isn’t going to direct you to iTunes. Given that search dominates web navigation for music, that’s a huge challenge for the iTunes model. Everybody is discussing the crisis and how it´s affecting marketers, consumers and agencies. Ogilvy acted and developed the ogilvyonrecession site, that discusses smart strategies to overcome the downturn... Of-course Ogilvy have more business in mind when kick-starting such an initiative. However, I found it interesting that the crisis tend to draw people nearer to their family and personal network – therefore there will be an increase in the use and popularity of social networking. And Linkedin has seen a doubling in its growth rate of new sign-ups, since august, also due to crisis and insecurity. Finally, I heard about this campaign in the primetime news the other day. Great... Who wouldn´t like to get the best job in the world...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ever dreamt of sleeping in a Boeing 747?

It´s becoming reality! Oscar Dios, a Swede with a wacky idea: Park a retired Boeing 747 outside the Stockholm airport - call it Jumbo Hostel - and turn it into motel for the budget-minded traveler.

Maybe it´s a Swedish thing to turn transportation into hostels. A few years ago I slept at a train hostel in Sweden - not very comfortable if any should wonder.
When it comes to transportation and the use of it i got to think of 727 - a Danish advertising agency - that bought a retired 727 and turned it into their head office. They got plenty of PR on that stunt.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Concert visuals 2008

List of some of the 10 most impressive visuals seen in concerts in 2008 - put together by accentfeed.
Among the listed I especially like Daft Punk and Etienne de Crecy.

Daft Punk

Etienne de Crecy

See the full list here

Advertising Age top 5 Ads of 2008

Advertising Age just released their Top 5 Ads of the Year list. The Barbarian Group is listed with their awesome CNN Shirts campaign. This is really a great piece of work. I admire The Barbarian Group for their skills and creativity and I personally think they are one of the best digital agencies at the moment. The CNN Shirts campaign is genius - go check it out. The message: CNN delivers news and history that changes people´s lives and that will be remembered. Taking a quick look at the most popular shirts indicates the extreme focus on Obama`s win. One minor detail I especially liked about it: the subsite is placed on CNN´s own website, making it more credible and linking it to CNN`s reputation and core business - news. Microsite or not - in this case it makes sense to integrate it - and not to create an independent microsite.

Everything is just a few hundred clicks away

This is hilarious! Saying goodbye to the keyboard - Apple introduces Macbook Wheel.
One button - endless possibilities.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Most Contagious 2008

I will especially remember 2008 for: Apps, micro-blogging, barack obama, branded utility, brand tags, guitar hero, merge of real-life and virtual, Dr. Pepper PR stunt,, chrome....

Always great reading with the best cases, observations and insights from the past year. Go read it here.

Israeli Consulate holds press conference on Twitter

In the midst of the crisis in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Consulate in New York takes an unusual step. The Israeli Consulate will host a so called "Citizens’ Press Conference" on Twitter where they will be answering questions about the current events in Gaza and Israel.

The Consulate encourages people to submit questions via a Twitter account that was opened up yesterday, where answers also will be published.

The major difference between Facebook and Twitter is that Twitter manage to embrace serious topics, since distribution and the model allows it. As we have seen for many serious occassions, e.g. earthquakes, Twitter can be used as a dynamic and reliable news channel.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

20 Covers recreated in Lego

What a great idea!
Using Lego to recreate covers. Artistic use of Lego was also a part of the reading on marketear in 2008. 

Books, boobs and 2009!

Vacation is coming to an end, and it´s time to resume work, and I feel like I´m ready and refilled with energy (sort of…). I have been truanting from my blog lately. One of my resolutions for 2009 is to update my blog more often and to be more critical to what I encounter. I have the intention to move my blog to wordpress or typepad and to give it a full design makeover. During my vacation I have had the time to go through the past blogging year along with things I came across in-between the eating and drinking - and I want to share those things with you. 

I believe that 2009 will be the year where Twitter will make it´s breakthrough in Denmark. It seems that people are ready for microblogging based on recent changes in Facebook behaviour. People have started to understand how to actively use the status updates feature, which is a solid and necessary starting point for the use of Twitter. 

A few days ago I went to a coffee shop, where there was this book on the table written and published by a hopeful amateur author. The book was for free use and the concept - called the book baton - is basically, that you borrow it, read it, and pass it on to a friend. The author further created a Facebook group, where you are able to review the book and read other´s critic. I think it´s a great way of getting your book promoted and to use Facebook in a really useful way. Awesome... 

In Denmark the Fleggaard commercial has been debated heavily, since Michael Arington from Techcrunch nominated it the best commercial ever made. I don´t agree on that part, but I like the exposed breasts and the fact that Fleggaard take advantage of the use of each medium.  TV is used to create excitement and attention towards the online shop and the unedited commercial, where you get to see dozens of topless Danish women among others. Finally, I want to share two great January tracks with you.

The Shortwave Set (Now til 69) and She & Him (Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?)

Happy New Year!