Monday, December 7, 2009

Google Goggles -visual search app

Brilliant! Google Goggles is a visual search app for Android phone.

Internet culture

Recently, I did this presentation for a class at TEKO. The course was trend management and I tapped into internet culture. The task was to open the eyes of the students for what machine the internet is – and how the students can use the internet for innovation in the trend/buying process. As always I´m striving to improve and make things better. Therefore, pls. share ideas/thoughts/critic etc.. There may a few slides that doesn´t make sense visually without verbal support. Sorry for that.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Online grocery shopping #Superbest

Today was a groundbreaking day. I had my first experience with online grocery shopping. Superbest, a retailer in Denmark, recently started to deliver groceries to your door. The Danish people may know that this change was caused by a scandal of dimensions. Superbest was caught frauding with the quality of the meat. As I see it, they had to do something, and that´s why they did this change. The good thing about a scandal. It speeds up things for an ordinary acting brand. I strive to try out new ideas or concepts, and here I am.

Yesterday, I went to the site to check out their stuff. I picked what I needed - and that worked out properly. One thing I don´t know is whether the prices are fair or not. 50 DKK for delivery is fine with me. After ordering the stuff I received the confirmation - and they were gonna deliver the groceries today between 16-21. I would have preferred that I could have written a note to specify a time where I could get it delivered. However, I received a txt message today, one hour before delivery, and they brought me the stuff at est. time of arrival. All the ordered groceries was there. Check! One thing which annoys me, though, is the packaging. The groceries comes in boxes - and why don´t they take the boxes after delivery. Definitely an area of improvement.

However, I received my groceries within time, so I´m a happy customer, which I believe they are collecting right now.

Another thing I forgot to mention. The customer service works as well. I wrote them a mail, since I was gonna get home at 17.00 - 1 hour after the proposed time span. They answered me after 30 minutes.

I´m gonna do this again.
Below the happy delivery man!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Social Media Guru

I saw this video @bastholm`s presentation for New Media Days. Very inspiring and precise on how people approach social media. New start ups mainly. It led my thoughts in another direction. In some ways social media is in the same state as mobile marketing was a few years ago. Everybody was speaking about mobile marketing 2-3 years ago, but it has never really developed and reached the potential everybody was preaching. However, I believe in social media in terms of scale and potential. Just a thought. Enjoy...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

NK #flashmob #Stockholm

Some of you may have seen this site. A stroke of genius, everybody wants to be a hero - it is associated with something positive, of course - and paying the license has always been communicated with some sort of guilt. I don´t fancy that method - therefore I love this campaign. Plus they did this flashmob in NK - selecting a random person to be the hero. Enjoy...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anna & Eva #IKEA #SAS

I need your help. I was about to book a ticket on SAS´s website, when I realized that they have integrated the help feature "Ask EVA"? It lead my thoughts to IKEA´s website having Anna to be the service provider.
Why is it short names? Are they Swedish? Do they have a Twitter profile? Why is it only women? Is it actually the same person - or how does it work?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Power to the People #crowdsourcing

For a while now I have been very keen on the phenomenon of crowdsourcing. Some of my followers may have noticed the incremental use of the hashtag - #crowdsourcing. I can tell you that it’s an extremely efficient research tool, when using the Tweetdeck app. It keeps you updated on a certain topic. This post is close to being a crowdsourcing project, in the sense that I’m using the twitter search function to get input and learn about this act. The only difference: The crowd doesn’t know that they are feeding me with stuff! Bang! Instant surveillance…. For those of you that don’t know what this crowdsourcing is all about wiki will tell you: the mother case of crowdsourcing! In the short version, it is the discipline of outsourcing a task to a crowd of people. Will crowdsourcing ever become a trending topic, btw – reaching a mainstream state? Actually, my first thought of this act was: What’s really groundbreaking about this? For years strategists have utilized the collaboration and co-creation concept. I have been in more workshops with the target group taking the act as communications experts or marketers. It works. People are enthusiastic and passionate about the making of something they really care about. And in the end you create dedicated ambassadors – fans being eager to make this a success and willing to pass on the message (voluntarily). This is for sure a bonus in a world where loyal consumers is diminishing.

The springing point between co-creation, collaboration and crowdsourcing is the total control being outsourced and facilitated through a digital platform. The platform can either be a community, website or a blog, actually, all digital platforms giving access to the people will work. Vizeum for IKEA used the blog format, Victors and Spoils (CP+Bs Crowdsourcing Agency) used a website, Amazon facilitates work through a community, and Swedish world record of ideas experiment used wiki as platform. The format can vary, the outcome can vary – but the platform is digital! At this second, while composing (very pretentious word), I read on Twitter that Victors and Spoils logo is live. Created by the people with the message ”Power to the Brand” & ”Power to the People”. The experiment is awesome - and it will be extremely interesting to see if they will succeed in the end. From my point of view they already succeeded since they showed guts by making an experiment.

There is a potential risk of failing, like with all business: “Fail Harder” should be a mandatory KPI. Building the crowdsourcing agency is just like building brands – V&S is building it around a story, making people act as messengers, which is a stroke of genius. Make the people build brands. One crucial thing (normally, I pray the no rules paradigm) is the anarchistic principle. Anarchism and total control for the crowd motivates for dedication and perfection. In the end these ingredients are almost guarantees for success. The more control you give, the more trust you gain. Nothing is really new about this one. It is just like giving a task to a village. They will solve it – due to a shared passion and interest in the community, but also because they feel some sort of responsibility to the community. This is a basic behavior that will exist. The Internet is a network of villages – and crowdsourcing is for sure tapping into this by creating new villages for people with a shared passion. Malcolm Gladwell would refer to this as tribes. The Internet is about the facilitation and organization of stuff. Actually, when I tapped into the new business model, principal of engagement, paradigm or whatever you will call it – it lead my mind to flash mobs. Actually, this phenomenom started in 2003. The people create real life mobs. The people have a shared passion for physical synchronization – and it is communicated and facilitated through the Internet. I haven’t made up my mind whether I like Internet written with I or i? A minor detour, sorry. I love flash mobs because it merges video and sound in an awesome way – and then it’s created by the people and for the people. It’s a symbol of true passion, of course with some sort of commercial messenger acting behind the scene with a hidden message of ROI. Where return most obviously is sales.

It leads me to the conclusion, which is more open than closed. Will the world exist of a world of brands, where each person is a brand that organizes in different groups? Will the world float with freelancers pitching for different tasks, where everybody is an expert in everything? If that is the case what will happen to the school system? Will the school system disappear, but then, how will people learn.

It has never been more important to have a strong network: the stronger a network, the more connections, and the more options of becoming a member in more networks. Your brand is the sum of your number of connections and their true value. The motivation for this is the gain of something.

I believe in crowdsourcing. It is a way of working that fits into the Internet culture. Crowdsourcing is about facilitation and organization – and its benefiting from the power of networks. Brands that manage to implement facilitation platforms will win. The most important outcome for the people is getting a more powerful network, so brands out there keep that in mind.

The message: “Stop campaigning, start facilitating”!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Blog Party: Still breathing…

Taken from Blog Party - a project on the side I do with my fellow blogger and friend @koolhuntingdk.

"It´s time for a recap. As some of you might have noticed, we didn’t make it for the end of August, the date we were striving for as the major Blog Party kick off. We met up with all kinds of good people to be inspired and to talk, among them Mindjumpers and Aiaiai. And we teamed up with Det Kongelige Teater about the making of a potential partnership, where we would help them, and they would fund us with a location for one damn night. That’s all we need… We created our blog, the different social media profiles, and gave birth to them, shot video, had photo shoots, put stickers, and posters in CPH - and did everything to spread the word about the first Danish Blog Party. We have digital mindsets, a shared passion, but realized that without economy it´s difficult to complete our beloved Blog Party. When we look back on this – we could have done things differently. But we needed so desperately a location – and without any money (just the love for the Internet) – it is difficult. Our ambitions are not damaged – and we strive to get this thing up and running. We believe in it. To get sufficient funds we have changed strategy. We are planning to do seminars about social media. Maybe we can make some money on this – and get this first Blog Party in Denmark to become reality. Will keep you updated. We are still breathing!"

via Blog Party

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Digital Anthropology Report 2009

The six tribes of homo digitalis - an approach to digital segmentation. To be honest I haven´t read it yet. However I trust Ian - he is for sure guarantee for quality. Find the entire report here.

A look into the future

via pfsk

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Quality is a tremendous filter" #Crushit

Crush it, folks!

It´s time for my personal review of Crushit by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Firstly, I want to share this with you. After ordering the book on Amazon – I wrote out on my Twitter profile that I just bought it. Gary responded within 5 minutes. That is instant communication – and made my experience with Crushit even more appealing. It made me buy the book for my friend´s birthday. Again, I asked Gary to write a perosnal card for my friend. Gary responded - late - but he did it. Gary is using a simple and tactical way of interacting with a reader or a fan – so companies out there don´t make it more complex than necessary. In the end it affects me. I cannot be too negative in my review. I´m passing the message and I feel the bond.

However, I spend the entire weekend reading it – and I must admit that it was a true pleasure to read such an honest and passionate piece of writing. There is nothing pretentious or academic about Gary´s story – and it characterizes a real go getter and entrepreneur. And I believe for sure that is one of the key reasons why he succeeded with his business – taking a traditional business, such as the wine business, using existing and free communications platforms – and differentiating the content with a more humble and honest approach. It could get me started to dig into wine – and evoke an interest into a field I enjoy the effect of - more than the taste.

I was thinking of the concept of reading. When I read a book – I strive to get a mental boost, something to think of. I got it with this book: Plenty of inspiration, thoughts and ideas that I can use in my everyday life. In a humble and extremely honest way. Gary just wanted to make business and to build his personal brand. Personal branding is more about the sum of connections - he understood this - instead of embracing your brand as the sum of all possible associations.

The message of the book is pretty clear. Do what makes you happy. Keep it simple. Do the research. Work hard. Look ahead. Maybe it´s easier said than done. But it makes sense. It actually reminded me of a quote I found on a post from Paul Isakson "Open minds leads to open doors". Seize it...

Another quote got my attention in context with the fact that everybody is talking about organizing, information overload etc.
"To everyone who is freaking out because they fear the noise and distraction of all additional content on the Internet, you can relax. Quality is a tremendous filter." Enough said - so damn true!

Keep it real, be passionate (cannot buy it, though), choose the medium that fits you, don´t care about the traffic (i´m glad about this one - may reach few, but important people), build legacy etc.

The book is easily read, there are many great tactical advice, and it is a great story. Gary is great content, and it is highly recommendable.

Word out!

Branded Utility By Josh Chambers via @congbo

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

The arrest of the Space Hopper...

The Hopper Squad team takes action...

Monday, October 12, 2009

1 Blog Post, 1 Hour, and Google

Lets do a smaller experiment with Google - and lets call it the Google Journey of Marketear.

Normally I use Twitter, bookmarks etc. for picking up inspiration. I wanted to do things differently - and did this smaller experiment.

The idea is simple. Use Google as platform for picking up inspiration. How: Choose 10 keywords, specifically chosen. They cover something I fancy - and something I consider to be the future of marketing. The experiment: See whether you stumble upon anything of interest, or just something. Anything worth communicating to the massive crowd of readers. I set like the goal of communicating one thing per keyword. Time is limited to 1 hour.

"One of my top favourite artists The Killers seems to be in top, when typing Human in Google. This track is really awesome - and reminds of the concert in Vega a few years ago. The video is seen by more than
13,561,379, however, it isn´t the music video - just a still, static picture. I checked the comments and people are discussing whether he´s singing dancer or denser. Crazy, how a dialogue keeps on developing. People are bringing new issues into perspective across time."

"Stumbling upon the Technology Review published by MIT. I have never read this online magazine, but there seems to be a lot of good stuff. I didnt read it to the end but spotted this article
about NYC releasing wealth of data - and it got my attention. Another municipality opening up for data - making people capable of making all kinds of applications is really an area companies should be on the look for. San Fransisco did the same just recently. Branded utility meets Gov 2.0."


"The release of municipality data takes me to transparency. It leaded me to the wiki site of transparency (behavior). I didn´t read it through (and I didn´t have the time for it) since there was a warning about neutrality and need for attention. The risk of sharing and collaboration."


"Taking me to a book about "Authenticity, what consumers really want". The sponsored link was directing me to a Danish site called bogpriser comparing the different online book stores and listing the cheapest place to buy the book. Very efficient. However, maybe, I should read that book. Read one sentence that is for sure real. Experience is about meeting expectations."

Half an hour left!

"This website is worth a look. What an awful piece of work."


"Leading me to a dating site called Suddenly, I´m figuring out the power of the Internet in the sense of connecting people. Dating has been revolutionized by the Internet."


"According to Wiki collaboration is a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together in an intersection of common goals. One key point which is pinpointed is the fact that collaboration requires leadership. This can either be the brand or the consumer but cannot develop organically. Or can it?"


"Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood
". About evil brands manipulating with the kids. The really old school way of perceiving brands."


"Kids, Internet, Learning, and Music. The evil is becoming the good." What happened to the real life music school!?"


AddThis for Firefox is the best add-on to make sharing and bookmarking simple. Have all your favorite web 2.0 social networking, bookmarking, blogging, and e-mail services at your fingertips. Share any page, anytime, with anyone. I will try it out."

Done. Stressed. And one experiment and lesson richer. Google has all the information and is willing and ready to share it with you!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Predicting the future

Predictions by american fashion designers from the 1930s of what the well-dressed man and woman would be wearing in the year 2000.

via benjaminpalmer

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Soon off to Barcelona. I will subsitute the weather in Copenhagen with this weather. Actually, it looks a little more cloudy now. Anyway...
Will be staying here. And the transportation is provided by transavia. It was the cheapest flight I could find. During the weekend you can follow me on @marketear.

Will keep you tweeted.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amazing adaption

If everybody just could work like this. Truly effective and great visualization...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why the web is one big random act of kindness

TED does it again! Everybody with a passion and interest for the Internet owes themselves to spend 20 minutes listening to this awesome speech. Great points, conclusions and perspective on how it started and why it is such a great success.

#karen26 - a minor detail!?

I had lunch with a friend of mine - and we discussed the VisitDenmark campaign (again...). I´ve been discussing it before on my blog. Actually, I´m a little bit fed up with it, however, he mentioned a minor detail, that I didn´t notice, when I watched the video. I don´t know if its a coincidence - but if it isn´t, I think its clever, and actually something that could have saved them from all the negative hype. Look closely, in the background there is a picture with the text AD. What do you think?

Editors note:
I just found a new spoof (she is in it, so maybe its not a spoof, but anyway) with her, which more clearly shows the word AD in the background. It supports my friends clue.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Spotted on linkedin today

Isn´t this really weird? I was checking my linkedin Network updates today and noticed by coincidence that two different people in my network are connected with respectively Malene Myhre and another one named Myhre Malene. And I checked - it isn´t the same person using her alias... I have changed my view on linkedin as the more pro and boring network. Spooky....

Tweet of the week

Sydney University is watching you. Watch out students! To Jonathan Pease’s credit, he faced the flaw and ended up retweeting Sydney University’s admitting that he was "BUSTED". Awesome...


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eco friendly music

Awesome video! Brittney Lane Don’t Care, by indie-rock-pop band, Meeting of Important People.

The Pittsburgh based group had their set, the animations, and all of their musical instruments made completely out of cardboard
via cherryflava

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I will join this, it sounds like a lot of fun. For the CPH people - or visiting people... Let it be thursday!

via aiaiai

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The First Photo of the Internet

It doesn´t look that complicated!?
via gizmodo

"Social Media Makeover"

It reminded me of how brands needs to define the obejctives of using Social Media in combination with real consumer insight instead of picking the popular channels and then pushing a message into the medium.
via socialhallucinations and punkplanning

#karen26 – the birth or breakdown?

I`m about to decide whether the Danish Viral Movie for VisitDenmark is a stroke of genius or something less positive?

Since it was seeded there has been a heavy debate. Discussions concerns whether it is OK to spread a commercial message about Denmark and cover it in an emotional skin. The content in the video centers on the girl karen26, that pretends to have given birth to August – and now she is on the search for the dad. #karen26 why didn´t you Google or Wiki him?

Apparently it was a one-night stand with a foreign guy she met in Nyhavn that left her pregnant. The video is supported by a low quality website. The quality of the website reveals that the advertiser could be in it for commercial reasons. All blogging platforms are easy to manage and design, so this obvious horrible design was a sign. Back to the case. Pressure from people, media and politicians made VisitDenmark react. They have taken the consequence of all the commotion by removing it from YouTube. Like we´ve seen many times before it is difficult to erase the footprints from the Internet. People have created all kinds of spoofs. The message keeps on living...

I have to be honest. When I first got hold on this video I thought the intention wasn´t commercial. Thumbs up for a well-produced piece of viral content. My second thought was that it was Sundhedsstyrelsen that was behind the campaign promoting safe sex.

After it started to air on YouTube Social Media natives started to investigate whom the advertiser could be. Again, getting the Social Media natives is necessary for making a viral campaign a success. So check! The media took it. The common people took it. The phasing worked very well. All the ingredients were there to make this a success. Unfortunately the message in the video didn’t link to what VisitDenmark wanted to communicate. VisitDenmark wanted to communicate Denmark as a free country. It isn´t the message I took out of the video.

But again....

The target group is tourists and I´m just a skeptic Dane. I´m wondering if the real target group´s view on Denmark as a visiting country has changed? Or if this has generated valuable PR on Denmark, which in the end will result in increased tourism? How has the buzz been responded to in the foreign countries? I believe it will have a positive effect and that people can separate fun from reality.

I want to give my applause to VisitDenmark for daring to use viral marketing as marketing tool. When you implement viral marketing it will always be an experiment. There are no shortcuts for success, you have to be brave and dare to do something non-proved, with the risk for failure. I prefer the risky strategy rather than the typical modest campaign. In sum, it has changed and energized my view on VisitDenmark as the dusty and old school organization, and I believe it will drive real-time and real-life traffic to Denmark.

Monday, September 7, 2009

WWF Germany - drip, drip drip!

Brilliant. WWF Melting Men. 1000 pieces. The short version of the action: "WWF Germany set up this artistic action in Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt to symbolize what will happen if governments continue to sit on their hands and watch as Arctic ice melts and sea levels rise. The fast melt of these small figures reminds us that we have very little time to make the necessary changes. 96 days until the UN conference in Copenhagen." Check out more pics here.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Not What You Say That Matters

Great presentation from Paul Isakson on Social Media. An interesting point from Forrester Research is about how people´s online behavior are becoming more integrated into their offline interactions. Go be inspired...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I´m fascinated by Walmart

This is a video made of one of my friends. Amazing that it has more than 2.000 comments and more than 100.000 views.

But I got to think of that video after being inspired with this really awesome Website. It grabs stylish people from Walmart - and its hilarious. And it´s spreading....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tweet of the week

I´m introducing a new feature on my blog: Tweet of the week. No specific criteria for selecting - based solely on godfeeling and mood.

The story behind this tweet: Crispin Porter + Bogusky and VW just ended their client/agency relationship after four years - and in response to that situation Alex Bogusky tweeted this. Hilarious...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Is Social Media good at embracing emotions?

Some thoughts: I´m in the train, which gives me the time to create - listening to The Killers "Hot Fuss" - still in the pot for my all time favorite albums. My headphones are suffering - not the best situation for producing. Good sound is a solid starting point, but I´m overcoming the situation. Actually, I don´t want to mention the guilt I feel when not posting on my blog for a while, which has been the case. I have realized that there always will be periods where other things get my attention and scarce time. And I don´t want to stress about it. Blog Party is also taking a lot of time – it´s really a project I enjoy working on with, since opportunities during such a process emerges instantly. Creating a concept opens up your eyes to new things and interesting people. I still have the motivation to blog, but Twitter has changed my behavior dramatically. I used to sprint between my favorite blogs – and enjoying and exploring how the digital world is linked. Now, my starting point is Twitter, simply due to the fact that I have managed to create my own valuable channel, where I´m following a whole bunch of interesting people that feeds me with all good things. One thing I have been thinking about lately is how Social Media is dominated by good and positive things, which far from illustrate the real world. Crackunit inspired me to write about it, since he did something unusual. He became a dad to twins arriving 12 weeks earlier than expected. As he puts it: “Carrying on posting normal stuff as if nothing has happened would be odd”, so he started to blog about his experiences in the hospital. I think he is brave. I´m pretty sure, though, that I wouldn´t feel for doing it. But from my point of view he is developing his blog – putting things in a new perspective and making it more credible.

My point is that the digital world is still not developed into embracing life as it is in the good and bad form. Social Media is still much about the good things, it is the few that embraces the less positive stuff going on in their life and that are motivated to share it with their connectors. It makes it less reliable or much more about posting things rather than emotions. I have picked my followers on
Twitter for their passion for Social Media, so it makes it much more professional. My Twitter channel is mostly about Social Media – which could explain my view on this. What do you think? Is Social Media good at embracing emotions?

Lastly, I want to share an idea I got this week. Why isn´t it possible to hire a “surfer” for a couple of hours or a day. Somebody that can help you explore new things on the Web – or setting up your blog, or in some way just giving you a shot of inspiration. Just another thought…

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stine is linking people is the first cartoon blogger I have stumbled upon. The idea is simple: She is making a drawing everyday about something that has happened in her life. The style is awesome and she is kind. Stine is helping us spreading the word about Blog Party. Below, you can see one of her drawings and the source of inspiration.

via stinestregen and Blog Party