Friday, November 27, 2009

Online grocery shopping #Superbest

Today was a groundbreaking day. I had my first experience with online grocery shopping. Superbest, a retailer in Denmark, recently started to deliver groceries to your door. The Danish people may know that this change was caused by a scandal of dimensions. Superbest was caught frauding with the quality of the meat. As I see it, they had to do something, and that´s why they did this change. The good thing about a scandal. It speeds up things for an ordinary acting brand. I strive to try out new ideas or concepts, and here I am.

Yesterday, I went to the site to check out their stuff. I picked what I needed - and that worked out properly. One thing I don´t know is whether the prices are fair or not. 50 DKK for delivery is fine with me. After ordering the stuff I received the confirmation - and they were gonna deliver the groceries today between 16-21. I would have preferred that I could have written a note to specify a time where I could get it delivered. However, I received a txt message today, one hour before delivery, and they brought me the stuff at est. time of arrival. All the ordered groceries was there. Check! One thing which annoys me, though, is the packaging. The groceries comes in boxes - and why don´t they take the boxes after delivery. Definitely an area of improvement.

However, I received my groceries within time, so I´m a happy customer, which I believe they are collecting right now.

Another thing I forgot to mention. The customer service works as well. I wrote them a mail, since I was gonna get home at 17.00 - 1 hour after the proposed time span. They answered me after 30 minutes.

I´m gonna do this again.
Below the happy delivery man!

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