Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anna & Eva #IKEA #SAS

I need your help. I was about to book a ticket on SAS´s website, when I realized that they have integrated the help feature "Ask EVA"? It lead my thoughts to IKEA´s website having Anna to be the service provider.
Why is it short names? Are they Swedish? Do they have a Twitter profile? Why is it only women? Is it actually the same person - or how does it work?


Marek. said...

Most of these customer service engines are run by 'bots'.
They are programmed Q & A robots, that intuitively interpret what a customer is writing about and offers answers.
Where it is unclear for the bot, they escalate the enquiry to a real person.

These bots are used across everything from customer service to online dating and chat sites.

Artificial Solutions said...


Both Anna and Eva are Virtual Chat Agents (VCA) developed by Artificial Solutions, a Swedish company that provides methodology, technology and services that allow our clients to offer better customer service at lower cost.

The names for the VCAs are chosen by our clients taking into account the costumes of the country where the company do business. Each VCA has a different "personality" defined as well by our clients. To learn more about our Virtual Chat Agents please visit:

Furthermore, the reason that you may see more female VCA is that, from experience, web visitors do tend to respond better to female chatbots than to males. However, we do produce male VCA as well; last year's Loebner Prize winner Elbot is an example of that (

For further information please visit:

- Artificial Solutions Website:
- Twitter Profile: