Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright Immortalized in LEGO

Again a pretty clever move by LEGO. LEGO has teamed up with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Brickstructures, Inc. to create two LEGO sets that depict some of the architect’s iconic buildings. Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum will become the latest examples of classic architecture to be re-imagined by the LEGO Architecture division.

via psfk

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First cell phone ad!

"Where people connect" and at a time when yuppies were the only one that could afford a cell phone wonder...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

From cookipedia to madleksikon...


Arla changes the name/domain/url of the community from
cookipedia to madleksikon. The reasoning behind is stated below in a comment from Tove Færch.

Hi Christian

Exactly one year ago we launched Cookiepedia. We gave it that name as we expected it to become (after 6 months of testing) a user generated wiki on food and cooking. Sitet was to be filled with small articles, practical suggestions, sound and pictures - all within food and cooking.
Unfortunately we now realize that we will not be able to fulfill our own intentions about a real -pedia. We are not courageous enough as we have experienced negative comments to our recipies.

We now take the consequence (thanks to Marketear and Koolhunting for urging us to action) - and we settle for the less ambitious Madleksikon (being Food Encyclopedia).
Karolines Kitchen and our external partners will develop and create the content, but we still hope some users will participate in suggesting themes, creating new articles etc, by using the comment area.

Our web colleagues are still working on mayor changes on the and are therefor under a lot of pressure. They cannot give me an exact date but I have been told not to expect the change from Cookiepedia to Madleksikon to take place before Mid June.

Tove Færch

Editors note: And now in Danish

Monday, May 11, 2009

Link drops wk. 20

  • The latest Coca Cola commercial from Mother London. The Organ Player. Brilliant!
  • Another great commercial. Bud Spencer in an old and Spanish version. He doesn´t seem as powerful, though...
  • This truly shows that Danish corporations don´t get the value of joining the conversation. The presentation on corporate blogging shows that none of the Danish corporations within OMX owns a corporate blog. The interesting question is. Who`s fault is this? The companies or the agencies? - it made me think of a thing I read about corporations being nervous about the use of ratings and reviews. In case ratings and reviews only are awesome and brilliant it will effect the trust of the ratings. Therefore, everybody should be pleased with the negative ratings and reviews. But, why is Sweden ahead of the other Nordic countries when it comes to corporate blogging? Enlighten me, pls...
  • Tribes. An emerging trend is groups of passionate digitalists that meet up IRL. The latest examples I have stumbled upon: Northern Digitals Cometoourbigbusinessbreakfast2ndtuesdays9amatkatzs
  • Why you should blog and not just tweet
  • CEOs that use Twitter

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Google in 1998

Already in Beta...

Junk food art

I actually have a sign on my door saying no thanks to advertisements or leaflets. It doesn´t prevent them from dropping off this visual wonder. With one word I would characterize this as junk food chaos: 242 different options within 25 food categories from 5 countries or regions.
There truly exist a business potential in targeting junk food places, teaching them a lesson in design, communication and how to prioritize and define what business they are in.
Bon appetit...

Friday, May 8, 2009

An even better use of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is now officially a phenomenon. Somebody would call it Buzz. For sure I hate that word. Who invented such a nasty word? However, I think this execution is really cool! A great way of merging print and web. And to make a simple interaction useful and product minded.

The idea:

"To show how easy it is to park the new Ford Ka anywhere we developed a print ad with a special symbol. When put in front of a webcam a 3D model of the car appeared standing on your Metro newspaper. Our Flash developer Paul took this augmented reality ad further than anyone has before by allowing the viewer to drive the Ka and actually park it using the keyboard arrow keys."

Check it out here.

You should have seen this

You should have seen this. Plenty of entertainment - get started here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Augmented Reality - Lego

People are freaking out on Augmented Reality. This example is from the Disney store in Florida. When you Hold certain Lego boxes up to the camera it'll show you an animated 3D model of the completed set right on top of the box you're holding. Simple, but great interaction.

The result

The question I was asking myself: By using yourself more actively in your blog plot, will you be able to increase traffic, comments and interest? The experiment was limited by the fact that I didn´t actively comment on other`s blogs during the experiment week. Focus was solely on creating personal content on my own domain. And as I mentioned before. It´s really hard to keep up the speed, so the activity level and number of blog posts was decreasing during the week, which ofcourse had an influence on traffic.

It was an unsual experience to use yourself as main act. For sure a transcendent experience for a modest guy like me.


* Increase in traffic - 324% increase in daily visits (benchmark = an ordinary week).
* Decrease in time spent on site. From 4:10 to 1:40.
* Less pages per visit.
* Same split per country. Denmark (and Copenhagen) over-represented.
* More comments than normally.
* Twitter being the second most important traffic source. Twitterfeed is really effective.
* Same search phrases. The most popular ones: marketear and my name.
* People begging to get a picture of today`s uniform. It was the most popular posts during the week.
* And finally I have been marked as superficial and pretentious! I have to disprove this statement.

In short: By using yourself as content and updating your blog more often you are able to increase traffic, but the time spent on the site is equally decreasing. Nothing new about this. But, the exercise is a good one: fellow bloggers try it out. And there are definitely some great learnings for the future: Combine the best from the two worlds.

I want to thank Sony Ericsson for making this possible. Without them powering me I wouldn´t be super-connected. From now on stuff will be more professional and less self-focused, in case I don´t get a stupid idea of doing another experiment. So, watch out...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dogma in a hyper-connected social reality version

I was watching you! You have all been participating in my experiment and thanks to all of you out there. A pleasure to get your URL attention!


The content on my blog is a merge of other blogger`s cool stuff and something I get hold of during my everyday. One central rule I have strived to fulfil is to stick to all other content than my own persona (visually, mainly). I know I had a minor trip with a camera, some friends, amateur acting, somebody being naked, and an end result that was anything else than viral. I would call it professional spam that has now been erased from YouTube. However, my point is, I`m not using my blog for self-promotional reasons (maybe professional, though) or to make people get to know me better. I was discussing in an earlier post, about how Danish (mainly fashion bloggers) are attracting a whole bunch of attention (and traffic) at the moment. And the tendency is the same in Sweden (have been that for several years, actually). The one´s that are successful are the one´s showing readers and viewers more of themselves. I wanted to crack the code - to test if that is really how things are. Therefore I decided to do a minor experiment.


Location: My blog
Main act: Me – an ordinaire person trying to be extraordinaire
Timing: One week
Rules: Document as much of yourself (visually and written) – how am I dressed (what brands I´m wearing), what am I doing, what do I observe – hour by hour behaviour with an extreme focus on the person. I will also be linking to as much as possible. Call it Twitter in a visual and very personal edition. Nobody knows about the project.
Criteria: It just need to be there!


Track traffic, comments, links. See if there is any increase in traffic and on that basis conclude.

Editors note: Tomorrow I will show you the results of the last weeks activities and comment on my experience with this experiment. I´m really sorry I couldn´t keep up the speed. The activity level was decreasing. Damn, its really hard to document stuff...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just came to Göteborg

And in the train, very bored, I took a picture of my shoes for Tweaktoday. The mission I got approved. On the picture is my newest Vans shoes.