Thursday, May 14, 2009

From cookipedia to madleksikon...


Arla changes the name/domain/url of the community from
cookipedia to madleksikon. The reasoning behind is stated below in a comment from Tove Færch.

Hi Christian

Exactly one year ago we launched Cookiepedia. We gave it that name as we expected it to become (after 6 months of testing) a user generated wiki on food and cooking. Sitet was to be filled with small articles, practical suggestions, sound and pictures - all within food and cooking.
Unfortunately we now realize that we will not be able to fulfill our own intentions about a real -pedia. We are not courageous enough as we have experienced negative comments to our recipies.

We now take the consequence (thanks to Marketear and Koolhunting for urging us to action) - and we settle for the less ambitious Madleksikon (being Food Encyclopedia).
Karolines Kitchen and our external partners will develop and create the content, but we still hope some users will participate in suggesting themes, creating new articles etc, by using the comment area.

Our web colleagues are still working on mayor changes on the and are therefor under a lot of pressure. They cannot give me an exact date but I have been told not to expect the change from Cookiepedia to Madleksikon to take place before Mid June.

Tove Færch

Editors note: And now in Danish

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