Monday, May 4, 2009

Dogma in a hyper-connected social reality version

I was watching you! You have all been participating in my experiment and thanks to all of you out there. A pleasure to get your URL attention!


The content on my blog is a merge of other blogger`s cool stuff and something I get hold of during my everyday. One central rule I have strived to fulfil is to stick to all other content than my own persona (visually, mainly). I know I had a minor trip with a camera, some friends, amateur acting, somebody being naked, and an end result that was anything else than viral. I would call it professional spam that has now been erased from YouTube. However, my point is, I`m not using my blog for self-promotional reasons (maybe professional, though) or to make people get to know me better. I was discussing in an earlier post, about how Danish (mainly fashion bloggers) are attracting a whole bunch of attention (and traffic) at the moment. And the tendency is the same in Sweden (have been that for several years, actually). The one´s that are successful are the one´s showing readers and viewers more of themselves. I wanted to crack the code - to test if that is really how things are. Therefore I decided to do a minor experiment.


Location: My blog
Main act: Me – an ordinaire person trying to be extraordinaire
Timing: One week
Rules: Document as much of yourself (visually and written) – how am I dressed (what brands I´m wearing), what am I doing, what do I observe – hour by hour behaviour with an extreme focus on the person. I will also be linking to as much as possible. Call it Twitter in a visual and very personal edition. Nobody knows about the project.
Criteria: It just need to be there!


Track traffic, comments, links. See if there is any increase in traffic and on that basis conclude.

Editors note: Tomorrow I will show you the results of the last weeks activities and comment on my experience with this experiment. I´m really sorry I couldn´t keep up the speed. The activity level was decreasing. Damn, its really hard to document stuff...

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