Monday, May 11, 2009

Link drops wk. 20

  • The latest Coca Cola commercial from Mother London. The Organ Player. Brilliant!
  • Another great commercial. Bud Spencer in an old and Spanish version. He doesn´t seem as powerful, though...
  • This truly shows that Danish corporations don´t get the value of joining the conversation. The presentation on corporate blogging shows that none of the Danish corporations within OMX owns a corporate blog. The interesting question is. Who`s fault is this? The companies or the agencies? - it made me think of a thing I read about corporations being nervous about the use of ratings and reviews. In case ratings and reviews only are awesome and brilliant it will effect the trust of the ratings. Therefore, everybody should be pleased with the negative ratings and reviews. But, why is Sweden ahead of the other Nordic countries when it comes to corporate blogging? Enlighten me, pls...
  • Tribes. An emerging trend is groups of passionate digitalists that meet up IRL. The latest examples I have stumbled upon: Northern Digitals Cometoourbigbusinessbreakfast2ndtuesdays9amatkatzs
  • Why you should blog and not just tweet
  • CEOs that use Twitter

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