Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The result

The question I was asking myself: By using yourself more actively in your blog plot, will you be able to increase traffic, comments and interest? The experiment was limited by the fact that I didn´t actively comment on other`s blogs during the experiment week. Focus was solely on creating personal content on my own domain. And as I mentioned before. It´s really hard to keep up the speed, so the activity level and number of blog posts was decreasing during the week, which ofcourse had an influence on traffic.

It was an unsual experience to use yourself as main act. For sure a transcendent experience for a modest guy like me.


* Increase in traffic - 324% increase in daily visits (benchmark = an ordinary week).
* Decrease in time spent on site. From 4:10 to 1:40.
* Less pages per visit.
* Same split per country. Denmark (and Copenhagen) over-represented.
* More comments than normally.
* Twitter being the second most important traffic source. Twitterfeed is really effective.
* Same search phrases. The most popular ones: marketear and my name.
* People begging to get a picture of today`s uniform. It was the most popular posts during the week.
* And finally I have been marked as superficial and pretentious! I have to disprove this statement.

In short: By using yourself as content and updating your blog more often you are able to increase traffic, but the time spent on the site is equally decreasing. Nothing new about this. But, the exercise is a good one: fellow bloggers try it out. And there are definitely some great learnings for the future: Combine the best from the two worlds.

I want to thank Sony Ericsson for making this possible. Without them powering me I wouldn´t be super-connected. From now on stuff will be more professional and less self-focused, in case I don´t get a stupid idea of doing another experiment. So, watch out...

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Therkel Sand said...

I Love your experiment, keep´em coming. Jules