Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What is this? @kevinrose

Today I recognized this yellow thing in a @kevinrose tweet - founder of digg.com for the interested crowd. It opens up Yahoo map. I`m wondering what it is - so far I have figured out that it´s a location based feature that works with Tweetie. But is it something worth talking about? Pls enlighten me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Off the record vol. 1 #in

The first post of the decade. I´ve been away for some time now. Christmas holiday combined with a mental absence from digital tools (almost) explains the thing. Lately, I came to the conclusion that I´m a bit fed up with social media. What does it come from? Basically, I´m tired of listening to the golden advices of how to succeed in social media - and then there is the thing about everybody calling themselves a social media pioneer, specialist or native. Another thing which makes me tired is how people keep protecting social media. I believe in it for sure - and I´m a heavy user, and it has changed the way we communicate and act to some extent. I pray it. But, still, lets face it - the change is not coming as rapidly as people are praying. It is mindblowing how my skeptics is linked to my digital activity level. I´ve been relatively absent lately - which ofcourse explain this grumpyness. Thank god for the Facebook machine that has enlightened the masses view on social media, digital age, change in behaviour. It reminds me of the fact that I reactivated my Facebook account - I just need to be there, but for sure its like tapping into the past. The rebellion is over. Btw. you are not able to delete your account - the eternal memory.

My digital decade is starting now, like really starting now. As a beginning I´m gonna do some filtering and cleaning up on my Twitter profile. I have a bunch of books that I need to read. I dont know quite what this year is gonna bring, but I´m extremely excited about blog collaborations, the birth of the Apple tablet (hopefully), e-readers in general, foursquare, more aggregate services, Spotify hopefully coming to Denmark. We need the streaming service.

Enough said! Thanks to @graeser for the support!

This year is gonna be awesome. I managed to transform my grumpyness into something good. The word of tonight...