Friday, October 30, 2009

Blog Party: Still breathing…

Taken from Blog Party - a project on the side I do with my fellow blogger and friend @koolhuntingdk.

"It´s time for a recap. As some of you might have noticed, we didn’t make it for the end of August, the date we were striving for as the major Blog Party kick off. We met up with all kinds of good people to be inspired and to talk, among them Mindjumpers and Aiaiai. And we teamed up with Det Kongelige Teater about the making of a potential partnership, where we would help them, and they would fund us with a location for one damn night. That’s all we need… We created our blog, the different social media profiles, and gave birth to them, shot video, had photo shoots, put stickers, and posters in CPH - and did everything to spread the word about the first Danish Blog Party. We have digital mindsets, a shared passion, but realized that without economy it´s difficult to complete our beloved Blog Party. When we look back on this – we could have done things differently. But we needed so desperately a location – and without any money (just the love for the Internet) – it is difficult. Our ambitions are not damaged – and we strive to get this thing up and running. We believe in it. To get sufficient funds we have changed strategy. We are planning to do seminars about social media. Maybe we can make some money on this – and get this first Blog Party in Denmark to become reality. Will keep you updated. We are still breathing!"

via Blog Party

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