Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Am Gen Y: Consumption

Media consumption according to a Gen Y. It´s funny to see how much furore (crazy word btw) this post has created. This young gun may be extreme (and ahead of his time) when it comes to media consumption - but it´s still a true indicator for how the future is going to be. The traditional media is for sure struggling, but they still have som sort of justification. One key point I can´t really figure out is how the industry will be dealing with digital music. More and more people download (illegal) music without paying for it - and how will the industry actually be able to make a reasonable business model. And the Gen Y is raised with free music. I just received an invitation from a friend
to - a site where you are able to stream all music for free. When it will be syncronised with the mobile - all content providers will meet another obstacle.

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