Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Advertising Age top 5 Ads of 2008

Advertising Age just released their Top 5 Ads of the Year list. The Barbarian Group is listed with their awesome CNN Shirts campaign. This is really a great piece of work. I admire The Barbarian Group for their skills and creativity and I personally think they are one of the best digital agencies at the moment. The CNN Shirts campaign is genius - go check it out. The message: CNN delivers news and history that changes people´s lives and that will be remembered. Taking a quick look at the most popular shirts indicates the extreme focus on Obama`s win. One minor detail I especially liked about it: the subsite is placed on CNN´s own website, making it more credible and linking it to CNN`s reputation and core business - news. Microsite or not - in this case it makes sense to integrate it - and not to create an independent microsite.

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