Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IKEA turns Japanese monorail into a showroom

The crazy Japanese people strikes again!

In an era of exponential media proliferation, standing out in the crowd is increasingly difficult. But IKEA Japan has seized the gauntlet with its highly innovative variant on transport advertising. 

IKEA Japan will simply promote its new megastore in the city of Kobe. 

The case was: "Why not leverage its expertise in interior design to deliver a genuine brand experience, rather than a mere barrage of posters and such?" 

IKEA Japan ad-jacked a train on the 
Kobe Port Liner Loop Line and filled some of the standard ad frames with its own messages. 

Better yet, it replaced the train's standard window shades with those from its own stores, converted the seats to sofas with IKEA brand upholstery, and added wall coverings. 

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