Saturday, May 3, 2008

The unplugged version

What happens if all technology is taken away for one week? 

Mental Detox Week is an unplugged version of life - and Iain Tait from crackunit participated. One of his findings was that "The web allows you to fractalise everything. I read a few different books. But instead of doing what I’d normally do and keep leaving the book to go and look something up. I made little notes and just kept on reading. Normally I’d go and look something up and then find myself drawn into a world of related links and other stuff that looks interesting. Effectively leading me into some kind of infinite worm-hole of stuff. Most of which ends up being completely unrelated to where I started from." 

A key insight of how the web allows access to endless amounts of information, which naturally feeds an enormous challenge of sorting and filtering the most important. 

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