Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Buy Idea X - Branded Humanity

Best Buy introduces Idea Exchange - a forum for Best Buy customers to share, vote on, and discuss ideas similar to Dell and Starbucks consumer driven initiatives. 

The article I´m about to finish is about corporations or brands way of communicating in the digital world. In short: they should communicate in a human and non-corporate way. In sync with this I really like Best Buy`s way of doing it. This is for sure a shared project, Best Buy being very honest, humble, open and transparent in their approach. Very brave to state that they will probably screw up.
Directly quoted from the Website:

" What to expect? We're new at this. Its probably going to be messy for awhile. We'll probably miss stuff. We'll probably screw up. But we'll learn and get better as fast as we can. We'll blog every two weeks with updates at first. Then we'll build in new and better ways to talk to you about your ideas - when we're reviewing them, or implementing them or when we decide we just can't do anything with them. We'll always be honest. We can promise we're all going to do our best. That means listening closely, talking openly about the ideas that you've shared. And trying our hardest to make it happen.

Part of what's going to make this work or not work is your feedback. Tell us if you like something and tell us when you don't. Your feedback is the only way we'll know what to do. So please comment on the blog or post an idea anytime. So come on in. Let's see what we can do together."

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