Friday, August 21, 2009

Is Social Media good at embracing emotions?

Some thoughts: I´m in the train, which gives me the time to create - listening to The Killers "Hot Fuss" - still in the pot for my all time favorite albums. My headphones are suffering - not the best situation for producing. Good sound is a solid starting point, but I´m overcoming the situation. Actually, I don´t want to mention the guilt I feel when not posting on my blog for a while, which has been the case. I have realized that there always will be periods where other things get my attention and scarce time. And I don´t want to stress about it. Blog Party is also taking a lot of time – it´s really a project I enjoy working on with, since opportunities during such a process emerges instantly. Creating a concept opens up your eyes to new things and interesting people. I still have the motivation to blog, but Twitter has changed my behavior dramatically. I used to sprint between my favorite blogs – and enjoying and exploring how the digital world is linked. Now, my starting point is Twitter, simply due to the fact that I have managed to create my own valuable channel, where I´m following a whole bunch of interesting people that feeds me with all good things. One thing I have been thinking about lately is how Social Media is dominated by good and positive things, which far from illustrate the real world. Crackunit inspired me to write about it, since he did something unusual. He became a dad to twins arriving 12 weeks earlier than expected. As he puts it: “Carrying on posting normal stuff as if nothing has happened would be odd”, so he started to blog about his experiences in the hospital. I think he is brave. I´m pretty sure, though, that I wouldn´t feel for doing it. But from my point of view he is developing his blog – putting things in a new perspective and making it more credible.

My point is that the digital world is still not developed into embracing life as it is in the good and bad form. Social Media is still much about the good things, it is the few that embraces the less positive stuff going on in their life and that are motivated to share it with their connectors. It makes it less reliable or much more about posting things rather than emotions. I have picked my followers on
Twitter for their passion for Social Media, so it makes it much more professional. My Twitter channel is mostly about Social Media – which could explain my view on this. What do you think? Is Social Media good at embracing emotions?

Lastly, I want to share an idea I got this week. Why isn´t it possible to hire a “surfer” for a couple of hours or a day. Somebody that can help you explore new things on the Web – or setting up your blog, or in some way just giving you a shot of inspiration. Just another thought…

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