Monday, April 5, 2010

Just another update #Sweden

The situation ahead is: New country, new job, and of course the most important thing: A girlfriend to see. I´m so lucky that I will be sticking to the same media shop, where I´ve spent the last 5 years: MEC. It´s now official that Mediaedge:cia has changed their name to MEC, finally! Yes, that´s the status right now. These days I´m in a vaccuum between ending my Copenhagen living and starting out my new Stockholm life. Friday last week was my final work day at MEC Copenhagen – the company where I have most of my worklife experience from (which is not just serving a beer or carrying stuff) – and the place where I´ve met all these awesome people. From start April – meaning tomorrow - it´s still MEC, but now with Stockholm as base.

When you move - it is always a question of throwing away stuff or keeping it. I asked my selected and loving Twitter stream for help on this question. It resulted in giving away most of my clothes, keeping only the selected good stuff. Always a pleasure to get social feedback and support for an important decision to take. Just a minor thing I wanted to share...

So far I have put together my IKEA wardrobe for the relative little clothes I kept, set up my Spotify and Voddler account and I feel ready for the new challenges. Hopefully, this shift will kickstart new blog posts. Hooray and happy easter!

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