Friday, May 14, 2010

The Copenhagen X Sessions - a branded music platform

MEC in Copenhagen has developed The Copenhagen X Sessions for Sony Ericsson. It´s basically an online music platform made social created in a joint partnership between Roskilde Festival and Sony Ericsson. The artists has been carefully selected from the upcoming scene in Denmark. To play on more senses the Copenhagen X sessions are live and audiovisual performances with choreography or videoart created by Good Boy Creative with all experiences being interlinked in wellknown social networks.

The first sessions recorded and released are from the Danish bands – I Got you on Tape, Giana Factory and Sleep Party People. New sessions are released every week continuing to September. Coming up is 18 X Sessions, with 18 different bands, and 70 unique recordings.

What makes this even stronger is that Sony Ericsson officially has teamed up with Roskilde Festival this year becoming their first official Social Media Partner helping people amplyfying their festival experience before, during and after the festival.

So far this is my favourite! Enjoy!


More info can be found here.

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