Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sales people = multi touch point guide

Yesterday I had a really great personal mobile experience. I know it might sound a bit like a cliché since this it what I work with on a daily basis - but I wanna share it with you. Summer has  - sort of - arrived in Stockholm. It means its time to get my summer wardrobe up to speed. I usually buy a few t-shirts and if I feel for it a pair of shorts. I went to the Weekday shop on Drottninggatan. They got the most basic stuff - and it´s cheap. Perfect. I spotted a pair of shorts, tried them on, I liked them, they were too big, and of course my size was sold out. The sales guy guided me to the other store, which is located in another part of the city. I go there every second month - but I would never wait that long or take the ride to get a pair of shorts.

I didn´t give up. With my mobile fucked up mind I went to the mobile site, found them easily and ordered them. It took me less than 4 minutes, although I had to register as a new user. 

What I think is crucial with this:

Sales people need to break down the barrier between the online and the physical world. In the era of showrooming they should be educated to guide people to the best destination, in this case the mobile site, where I could order my shorts right away.

I hope it´s the perfect fit! 

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