Sunday, July 22, 2007

A creative experiment

What to do if you are a newly started clothing brand that wants to make a buzz, but from an entrepreneurial point of view doesn’t have sufficient funds? This was the creative task that struck Frost Birgens – and this is how an experiment hopefully evolves from initial amateur conditions to a successful viral marketing campaign! The generic masses within the clothing industry normally stick to classical marketing using magazines as the major promotional source. However, this is costly, and wasn’t an option, so the task was to stand out with accessible means. We wanted to create awareness – buzz and hype - without spending money and only with manpower as vacant resource. The creative team consisted of friends ranging from architects and designers to fellow peers from the marketing and film industry. It was a necessity to put together a team that consisted of people with different creative skills that would complement each other to the full. We developed and created a viral marketing strategy, with the aim to promote Frost Birgens with the communications message of acting differently, revolutionizing the industry and not just following in the mass stream of clothing brands. Simply to stand out – both with regard to competencies, but also in relation to promotion activities! In the months to come I will follow the development and give the readers deep insight into the process.

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