Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our times tamagotchi

I´m fascinated by bloggers and the blogging phenomenon. Like I mentioned in an earlier post having a blog is our times tamagotchi – the virtual pet you need to feed all the time to keep it alive. While still feeding it moderately! I spend some time reading blogs – to get inspired for my next fix. And during my blog journeys I experience and meet the passion that is deeply rooted in most bloggers. The constant drive that exist in the strive to create the post that kicks ass and within a short time can reach the blogospehere (I don´t like the word, actually). And motivation is most often – as I see it – to get the recognition from fellow peers that shares the same interest. Sometimes I feel ridiculous when I think of the time I spend keeping my pet alive just to feed 10 different people daily (On an awesome day - thanks to all of you outthere!). However, when I experience others that get inspired I get motivated. Motivations are many. Some blog for economic reason, some for the reason of learning, some for self-promotion, and others for the reason of influence. What would people actually do before blogs existed? Learning, thoughts and inspiration would come from the dialogue between people and from reading, seeing and listening. However, there existed a natural limitation for perfecting your skills within your field, since most people didn´t get the opportunity to share thoughts in the same way. I have a variety of blogging idols and I´m able to contact them if I want to share some thoughts. The Internet culture enables and accelerates learning, which will result in people getting more adept and knowledgeable in a shorter time of period. Ofcourse, some areas are more exposed to this than others. But it made me think of this post –
Graduate like a rock star - about the popular Australian blogger Zac. He didn´t do well in school, but found his passion in social media. So he used blogging to achieve his personal ambitions, instead of taking the straight school way, and he is quite successful now. The tamagotchi. Like having a tamagotchi I often experience guilty conscience, since I´m not feeding my readers. The virtual guilt. I don´t check My Google Analytics account, when experiencing this guilt. Many words, some thoughts. Now it´s time to read What Would Google Do by Jeff Jarvis. I`m looking forward – and will update you with a shorter summary, when I finalise it. Sorry, koolhunting for this long post!

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