Sunday, March 29, 2009

Link drops week 14

  • I read this post some months ago, but didn´t really pay attention to it at that time. Now that I have started to spend time experiencing and using Twitter it makes sense. The following icons on your Twitter page are organized according to when the person joined Twitter. I envy Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone for inventing this platform and for having the best listings on my page. Facebook and Myspace didn´t take this early adopter advantage into consideration, but Twitter did the good thinking. Early adopters have an advantage since many people find new people by surfing through those clusters.
  • Asi gives his view on social media, with the conclusion that all media is social media. I do agree to some extent. Interaction, whether it is driven by traditional media or new media embraces an element of social. The internet as mechanism is the facilitator. 
  • Should you charge for apps or not? Many interesting conclusions in this post, e.g. Free downloads vs for fee downloads ($.99) is 400:1 for this specific case. 
  • Seth talks about the pillars of social media success. It can be boiled down to popularity, curiosity and a twist of boredom.
  • 48 hours in Denmark - an interesting experiment. The client is a Danish tourism agency interested in finding out how people use the internet and what the use means to tourism. They are offering a free trip to Denmark, with all expenses paid and with the only catch that you needs to show how you use digital media when you travel as a tourist.

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