Sunday, March 15, 2009

Linkdrops like Noah

Inspired by Noah. To start off the week.
  • I would recommend all to go visit and play with Compete, a site where you can track traffic and compare a variety of different websites. I compared Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. A key finding: Facebook has more unique visitors than Amazon. All advertisers should treat social communities with seriousness.
  • Great reading from Faris giving his view on 9 digital marketing aphorisms to look for in 09. The most important aphorism: act social. Attention is no longer guaranteed - brands are being forced to act more like people.
  • The Guardian launched Open Platform, a service that will allow partners to reuse content and data for free and weave it "into the fabric of the internet". A step in the right direction moving away from a protective behaviour - and an example of how to update and adapt your product into a modern culture model. The Guardian make new technology win against the old business model.
  • My friend Koolhunting showed me this. That´s really cool - a Jenga Pistol.
  • And finally Remix Culture on Stereoids. A new mash-up format.
I think that´s it for now.

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