Sunday, August 21, 2011

Telia wants you to be the next Mark Zuckerberg


I´m full of admiration for the work CP+B Europe has developed for Telia here in Sweden. In short the campaign is centered around the idea of becoming the next app millionaire. To grab people´s attention to the campaign Telia have partnered with iSwap faces founder Alex Vlachos and use him and the iSwap faces app in all the communication. All the roads leads to Facebook where you can submit your idea with a simple sketch. The winner gets the app produced by Telia and gets all the revenue. The competition has ended and 25.000 ideas have been submitted. Pretty impressive. Hopefully Marek and I will be picked as the final winners.

What I love about this piece of advertising: (I know I´m biased because I love advertising, tech and startups)

1. It sticks out. Telecom is all about pricing and boring specs.

2. It taps into the insight that people are dreaming of becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg or the less famous Alex Vlachos.

3. It got a natural link to Telia´s core business

4. The campaign is supported by a whole lot of ATL comms

5. It can start a conversation. [I know it´s not so representative, but I have kick-started many conversations about this competition. What surprises me is the quality of ideas coming from people in "so-called" non-creative jobs]

6. It is more than just a competition. Way too many campaigns are centered around a weak competition - forced engagement - this one differs because people needs to be creative with a greater purpose.

7. It´s a great example of modern storytelling. The mechanic of linking all the elements elegantly together (ATL, Facebook, target audience, PR, endorser) - and of course the great potential of making the campaign live longer using the winner (and the story behind) in a second round.

The only thing I would change if I was in charge was to socialize the campaign even more (group work), and of course to have a real app where people could submit their ideas from.

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