Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just a thought..

I was on my way home from Stockholm the other day, and when you´ve been away from home it is always a great pleasure to read the preferred local paper in relaxing surroundings. However, I was surprised of my superficial reading, and it struck me that I have adapted online readership habits. It simply means that I´m not capable of digging into a long article unless it really has my interest. But, during my three minutes overview reading I finally came to an article about Google Friend Connect. Wow, I thought this is what I like reading about - new technology and trends within this field. But, I was disappointed, since I didn´t get it. It was impossible to understand it in the written form, and my point is that there exist many limitations for the written medium. Communication will be more about visuals, audio and video, because many areas are developing at such a pace, that it is difficult – not to say impossible - to understand without supporting visuals. Technology within the business field will play a more and more crucial role and again I was confirmed by the fact that print will struggle beyond these emerging changes.

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mattress monster said...

Great post..lokking forward to the next one..personally i'm a digital man myself.