Sunday, June 1, 2008

Blogging and commercialization

I´m back! Been fully dedicated to work and haven´t had the time to feed my baby - my personal online tamagotchi.

Everybody is talking about blogging and the missing link to commercialization. I know there exist many different types of blogs: personal blogs, corporate blogs, vlog, moblog etc. and they all have different purposes of existence. However, what I find of extreme interest is how a company can use blogging to build a brand - and generate added value for both for the company and the bloggers. 

The Swedish fashion retailer is an awesome example of this. The company has already created an affiliate program for fashion bloggers that makes it easy for bloggers to link to individual garments via a "blog this" button (see below). 

The button simply gives bloggers a code that you copy and then you are able to put it into your own personal blog. I´ve copied the code of the red pants and here they are... a genius and simple way of creating value for both the company and the blogger!

Lindex Shop Online - Jeans

Besides, lindex has teamed up with twingly, a Swedish-based company who´s service shows which blogs that link to a specific page. Simply put, not only does lindex use blogs to drive traffic to their web shop, they also send back traffic to bloggers by showing links to their blog posts (shown in the product category on lindex Online Shop), which most likely will encourage more fashion bloggers to link to
For the Nordic people see below.

I definitely think they are on the forefront of using blogging in a commercial context.
In the coming week I will focus on blogging and further investigate the topic of commercialization and blogging. More to come...

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