Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blurry - but people want it!

Sorry for the resolution and quality. I didn´t give you a morning snap into my wardrobe, but here comes my uniform for today. I stick to brands I like. Therefore I´m wearing a pair of Vans (suede and Orange). A pair of shoes I spotted in the streets of Copenhagen and bought them on flatspot afterwards. My pants are from NN07, just like the ones I was wearing monday. These are just blue. The T-shirt is from American Apparel. Cheap and great quality. Bought in Berlin. The size is XL...
The sunglasses = an old timer. I will keep you posted. The weather is awesome today and I will be opening the balcony tonight. It´s time for some barbecue and beers... I had some help to create the logo for the up-coming event/thing I can´t reveal yet. But damn it looks cool. Thanks to the animal for helping me out on this one.

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