Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Link drops wk. 17

  • The first link I would like to introduce is a new way of publishing. The Swedish magazine Tare Lugn have released their third issue as a tattoo. Check out the video. Creative minds!
  • 2009 = the year of experiements. Another really cool thing I stumbled upon is the Tweenbots : human-dependent robots that navigate the city (from one corner of a park to another) with the help of pedestrians they encounter. The person behind the experiment is Kacie Kinzer, a student at ITP. You could do it with a mobile as well - place instructions on the back of the cover and make people document it instantely, while passing it to another person.
  • A Danish concept, so links are in Danish, sorry. But the concept or idea is very simple: create a shop, you can only buy bread. The amazing thing: it´s only one kind of bread and the price is 30 DKK. Don´t make it more complicated!
  • Take direct contact to the CEO if you feel frustration or want an answer to something. Give Steve Ballmer a call. Maybe I should use it for Arla... Another reason to be open, focus on transparency and keep connecting with your customers.
  • It seems like blogging finally is doing its entry to the Danish market. There has been a lot of talk and PR on blogging lately and it´s primarily fashion blogs that attracts attention. I think the reason behind this, is their focus and use of themselves in their blogs. They are not afraid of putting themselves out to their readers. If we look upon Sweden; a country that take the lead in comparison to Denmark, that is for sure the successful recipe.
  • A friend of mine showed me this evolving journal for emerging photographers. Awesome pictures.
  • And finally: Web 2.0. is fucked.
That´s it!

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