Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Twitter is characterized by being personal, user generated, instant, short and super connected. There are several ways to approach and interact with your followers, and I have tried to list those I have experience with, plus those I don´t use, but have seen others using. The super connectivity is - as I see it - a long-term success criteria in relation to the two giants Facebook and Myspace, since it makes the use more flexible. On the other hand complete control places demands on the users, they are always capable of reaching it´s followers. Another point I want to emphasize is the seriousness that characterizes Twitter. At the time I follow several news media and bloggers. So, I have actually created my own personal channel, while at the same time following friends and colleagues. 

  • Web - the mother platform, no need for further explanation.
  • Txt - gives you the opportunity to update via your mobile.
  • Twitterfeed - feeds your blog posts directly to Twitter. 
  • Twitterific - an application build for IPhone, that lets you both publish and read posts on Twitter.
  • Twitpic - gives you the opportunity to upload and share photos directly on Twitter. Very useful.
  • Tweetdeckan Adobe Air desktop application. A more neat and simple way of seeing all friends, replies and direct messages.
  • Twittergadget - an application for IGoogle. 
  • Tweetie an IPhone application. 
I believe there are plenty of others entries. Pls. let me know. The entries I use the most are: Web, Twitterfeed, Twitpic, and Twittergadget. 

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